Pukka Israel

The leader natural medicine brand in Israel

Pukka is a world leading brand and Israel Pukka is the leading one in Israel for high quality natural medicine products. Pukka products can be found at all natural stores in Israel.
The E-Commerce website act as a significant selling and marketing tool for the company, including advance tools and easy managment system.
We are working with Pukka Israel for 4 years and witness to the great growth of the company in this period. 

Large E-Commerce website | And Responsive

Why loosing 45% of potential consumers? Each real store today understand his bussiness module include E-Commerce and in the last years also a good responsive one is a must.
Pukka Israel E-Commerce website bring the whole shopping expirience and options to the mobile, including payments, discounts, members club and much more.

Members club
Deals and Discounts, points gaining, detail private zone, context marketing and campains.
A complete coupon management tool for creating and editing advance coupons.
Deals and Discounts
Deals & Discount according to different parameters and variables along the website.
Bundle products
Create great product which combine several products into one atractive deal.
Create realtive context marekting through the entire website, dynamic or manual.
Great content along great products

Since the website publish lots of great content, devided into many categories and subjects, it was important for us to create an easy to use managment tool which allow the editor to publish relative products on this content pages, and the oposite.
We build the entire website around smart taxonomy system so each page on the website is identified with on or more terms, so on a page view the website fins the related product page base on the term and publish it.
Much more then that we based the relation not only on a term base but also on a client history, member history purchase and more.