Great responsive website for large scale company

Menta is the biggest Delek subsidiary company and well known all over Israel gaz stations for her many convenience services the compant provide for her clients.
Till the publish of this website, and the other 4, all Delek subsidiaries companies had no website, but just a smal mention on the main Delek website. This is a complete web re-brand for the company which put Delek and Menta in the front of the Israel web. 

Fuel and Menta services search index

Menta can be found on most of the Delek gaz station and she provide many service like post office, DHL, Menta-Market and more. Since not all services are avialable on all gaz station, and since finding the nearest station was an important rule in the compant focus, we create an advance search tool which let the user to filter/search to get the best station and a direct navigate through Google map or Waze app.

Full screen images - On each screen…

The main focus was to design a website with a great visual along with the important text and services which is important for the visitor to have access to.