Delek Israel

A great website for the largest fuel company in Israel

Delek was established in 1951 and since then owned subsidiaries range in energy and logistics,hundreds of petrol stations spread throughout the country, convenience stores, and other retail sites.
Delek contact us in order to improve their visibility over the internet and next to the website design it important to give the visitors access to many of the company services.
The comprehensive process included a deep research about the company, the subsidiaries, needs analysis, target audiences and meetings with various departments in the company.
Manging a project of this magnitude was for us a great experience re-branded us across the face of the leading development companies in the Israel market.

Responsive fuel on each device!

The characterization process focus on mobile as a starting point since the old Delek website gain around 30% mobile views and the target was to increase that.
So it was important for us to create a good UI/UX mobile experience which increases the mobile rate to 45% this days and with a great statistics regarding time on site and so.
We also create an easy to use, and fast, gaz station search tool so the user can look for his next station to gaz or to enjoy other Delek services, and navigate with easy. 

iMac Illustration
Large traffic
The new site faced a big traffic volume along with heavy traffic when posting campaigns.
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Improve performances
We have prepared with a good server and performed many proceedings.
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Maintenance and Monitoring
Monitor aside to keep the webiste and server in a great condition as a base to success.
Large scale project managment

On each project, and mainly on a large scale like this one, including 4 others websites like Menta we have developed for Delek, we use and advance project managment tools and methods. The success of the project finaly was estimate through time delivery of the many milestones, the relationship with the company team which is great and the comments we have been hearing so fat.