Hey, We are TIK-KE

A small boutique shop with a great passion to create high quality Internet experience

As a small boutique shop we always prefer to work on a limited number of projects at a time,  so we are able to devote our full attention for each client and project. We believe this approach, along with small and professional team, help us achieve real quality for our customers.

We create websites since 2007, and we are using our past rich life experience in various areas into the projects. We love Drupal and use it for all of our different websites, while we keep using and learning more tools in order to create even better websites from look and design perspective to performances and management aspect.

What motivate us is a big passion to the internet, developments, design and other great stuff. 


The values which guide us
  • Discover something new each day

    Multidisciplinary professional is our daily candy
  • Strive for the best

    We'll always be ambitious to reach uncompromising quality
  • Find the missing parts

    Great curiosity, Internet love, customers and everything in between is what driven us
  • Results focus motivation

    Persistence and patience are our cup of coffee.
  • Morning service

    We love working in an absolute transparency
  • Simplicity

    Because after all we are all humans...
Few important datails about us
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